The Pinstripes


A long-standing friendship and various mutual musical projects in the past have joined together the three members of this Neo Rockabilly band who come from the South of Germany and have played together since 2001. Headed by the lead singer and lead guitarist Artur „Spike“ Gramm, who composes most of the band’s original material, the trio is completed by Hagen Offterdinger on drums and Dennis Sauter on double bass.

In the past few years, the Pinstripes have appeared at numerous major Rockabilly festivals such as the Walldorf Weekender or the Brandenburg Festival, and have played a whole heap of gigs in clubs all over Germany, thus acquiring an ever growing fan base.

They have shared the stage with well-known Rock ‚n‘ Roll and Rockabilly artists such as Bill Haley’s Comets, Paul Ansell’s Number Nine, Restless, Mad Sin, Mad Heads, Evil Devil, to name just a few. And not least because of their wild stage show the Pinstripes are also a frequently booked act for popular commercial events. In 2004, for instance, they supported „Juli“, one of Germany’s chart toppers, at major festivals. And in December 2005 the band had the opportunity to present some songs of their new CD on the occasion of a national handball league event before an audience of more than 6000 people.

For more info about The Pinstripes go to official band websites.

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